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Ricki Lake embraces ‘complete self-acceptance’ as she poses in a bathtub nude.

Ricki Lake poses nude in bathtub, embraces 'complete self-acceptance'

Ricki Lake poses nude in bathtub, embraces ‘complete self-acceptance’

TV personality Ricki Lake has taken to Instagram to share a photo of herself baring it all in an outdoor bathtub. In the post, Lake credits her complete self-acceptance and self-love for her decision to share this ‘au naturel’ moment with her followers. The Hairspray star captioned the post with a note of gratitude for all that had to happen for her to reach this level of self-acceptance. Lake is also seen crossing her arms over her breasts as she leans back in the open-air bath surrounded by trees, while her new husband Ross Burningham’s name also makes an appearance in the post.

Ricki Lake
Lake is proudly rocking gray hair these days.

This is not the first time the famous TV personality has stripped down on social media. In 2020, Lake posted a photo of herself swimming in nothing but a straw hat and sunglasses.

Lake has been very open about her struggles with hair loss, admitting in 2020 to feeling suicidal, before eventually choosing to shave her head. She has since shown off her regrown hair, crediting Harklinikken hair care for her new, thick locks.


  • Who is Ricki Lake?
  • Ricki Lake is an actress and television host. She gained popular acclaim following her starring role in the 1988 film ‘Hairspray’.

  • What is significant about Lake’s Instagram post?
  • The post shows Lake enjoying an open-air bath while nude, and is accompanied by a message about self-acceptance and self-love.

  • Has Lake shared similar posts on Instagram before?
  • Yes, in 2020 she shared a photo of herself swimming nude, and she has been very open about her hair loss struggles on the platform too.

Ricki Lake poses nude in bathtub, embraces 'complete self-acceptance'
Ricki Lake poses nude in bathtub, embraces ‘complete self-acceptance’

Ricki Lake bares all in bathtub and embraces accepting oneself completely.

Ricki Lake, the American actress and TV personality, has shared a beautiful nude picture of herself on Instagram and proclaimed that she has come to love and accept herself fully. In the photograph, Lake is seen at an open-air bathtub surrounded by trees, with her arms crossed over her breasts and wearing a serene expression as she looks up at the sky. The caption of the post read, “Hands down, these days are the best of my life. Grateful for all that had to happen for me to get to here. In a place of complete self acceptance and self love. 54 1/2 years old (young!) #nofilter #noretouching #noshame.”

Lake has been open regarding her three-year-long battle with hair loss, which brought her to the brink of feeling suicidal. Earlier this year, she tied the knot with her husband Ross Burningham in an ocean-side ceremony. The actress had earlier posted a picture of herself swimming naked in 2020. Lake’s fight to come to terms with herself concludes that she is ready for a summer of fun.

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