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From ankle to thigh, Grimes received a huge red tattoo covering her entire leg.

Grimes gets massive red leg tattoo from ankle to thigh

Grimes gets massive red leg tattoo from ankle to thigh

Canadian musician Grimes has added to her already extensive collection of body art with a blood-red tattoo that spans her entire right leg, from ankle to thigh. The singer, whose real name is Claire Boucher, previously revealed on her Instagram Stories that she’s in the midst of a “long slow effort to have a full alien body… totally covered in white ink”. In keeping with this theme, in April, she covered her back with a tangled web of white lines.

The latest design was premiered on Grimes’ Instagram Stories on Thursday and was met with mixed reactions on social media, with some critics branding it “horrific”. The tattoo was created by artist Daniela, who is currently working in Los Angeles. She shared a series of Instagram snaps of the detailed work after completion and captioned the images: “such a pleasure working with u on this piece… wanna do more of this color textures plz!!!”.

Grimes is known for her creativity and daring fashion choices, but the star’s latest foray into body art has left some fans puzzled. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions surrounding Grimes’ new tattoo and her other inkings.

What is the significance of Grimes’ tattoos?
Grimes is on a mission to have her entire body tattooed. Her current focus is on getting alien-inspired markings in white ink, which she has likened to scarification.

How many tattoos does Grimes have?
It’s unclear exactly how many tattoos the singer has, however, she has covering her entire back and her entire right leg.

Who does Grimes’ tattoos?
Grimes has worked with a variety of tattooists, including Daniela, who created her most recent design.

What has been the response to Grimes’ tattoos?
The musician’s extensive body art collection has been both praised and criticised over the years, with her latest design drawing mixed reactions on social media.

What other controversial decisions has Grimes made regarding her appearance?
Grimes has expressed a desire to have elf ear surgery and has also discussed the possibility of getting a white-ink face tattoo.

Grimes gets massive red leg tattoo from ankle to thigh
Grimes gets massive red leg tattoo from ankle to thigh

Grimes receives an extensive crimson leg tattoo stretching from ankle to thigh.

Canadian musician Grimes has unveiled her latest tattoo, a blood-red design that covers her entire right leg. The singer is in the process of covering her entire body in white ink to create an immersive alien-inspired body art experience. Grimes has been documenting her tattoo journey on social media, including a tangled web of white lines that now cover her back and a recent delicate new design on her ear. While some fans praised the stunning red tattoo, some social media users were confused, with one commenting that it resembled “the worst varicose veins in human history”.

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