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Whats been going down at The Chilli Source recently?
Date Novelty
10/05/2003 "What's new" page added
12/05/2003 Look out for some kebab reviews in the Southampton area...coming soon!
25/05/2003 Added some new shops in the King's Cross area
26/05/2003 Walked from Acton to Sheperd's bush, a virtual 'kebab alley'. New shops added to reviews section
27/05/2003 Tufnell Park kebabs appears to have had a refit, and is now calling itself 'Best kebab'
28/05/2003 Added some JScript to ensure pages are displayed in the proper frame layout at all times(whoo!)
29/05/2003 Slightly posher layout and now you can see which shops have been reviewed from the list. Response remains disappointing.
11/06/2003 Could the Manchester police reviewer please tell me which shop it was they were reviewing. Sadly, a technical hitch prevented me from capturing this information, cheers!
26/06/2003 Ayone able to view the scrollable map in the reviews section?? if u can see it please email me..
04/07/2003 Kebab Chat arrives!
22/07/2003 Got the map applet working in reviews section
11/08/2003 Apologies to anyone who has submitted a review or a comment lately and recveived no response, had some trouble with the old Email address. Use the new one shown at the top!
22/09/2003 Added the schawarma kebab to the types page plus a few little tweaks
03/04/2004 Finally moved log into the database allowing you to order entries by any field
07/01/2004 Improved the london shops map applet
21/06/2004 I've been updating some of my earlier reviews...see what's new for up to date info
13/08/2004 It is with great sadness that I report that Sultan kebabs on Boston Manor rd seems to be no more.
14/08/2004 A new kebab shop called 'Ealing Mangale' is about to open on the uxbridge road at the east end of West Ealing. Reviews will follow shortly.
27/11/2004 Tragedy. My digital camera appears top have 'had the dick'. No more photos until it's fixed or I replace it.
25/10/2004 I should be getting broadband again soon so lots of new (if somewhat familiar) content will be added
03/03/2005 I'm getting a new camera soon, so lots more shops to be added.
28/07/2005 Added Chicken Kofte to the kebab types page
08/07/2005 After several painful hours review pages use Google Maps
30/10/2005 I've added several new reviews and shops submitted by people in the last year, sorry for the delay but thanks to everyone who contributed!
19/11/2005 This page now lists the last ten reviews.
18/02/2008 Site moves to thechillisource.net
08/01/2007 Kebab forum is here!
15/09/2012 XSLT stuff rewritten for PHP5
22/11/2013 Forum resurrected and upgraded to phpBB3
06/12/2013 Submit review feature repaired - sorry for any inconvenience caused!
12/02/2015 New Burgers, Pies and Fried Chicken log added (see foot of kebab log)
22/07/2015 Log shows latest entry first, sort by type, vendor and notes feature fixed.
19/20/2015 Burgers, pies and fried chicken log joins the kebab log in sorting by latest entry first

Latest reviews...
Date Kebab Shop Reviewer
18/2/2016 The Main Plaice (Nyms) Anon
5/2/2016 Gigs Fish & Kebab House
4/10/2015 Pizza La La Best Kebab
29/6/2015 Brothers Kebabs Jim
25/6/2015 Latchford Kebab and Pizza House Takeaway Food Tom Parish
23/6/2015 Georges Kebab Van Chloe
7/5/2015 Horn Lane Kebab
4/1/2015 Rosebery Kebab Nick W
4/12/2014 Laroash Kebab Anonymous
17/11/2014 Yilmaz Kebabs